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sheldonsmall2Kristine Liakopoulos

Kristine has lived in Alberta her entire life. Having grown up in a family that served with the RCMP she knows first hand the excitement and challenges of selling and finding a home.

Kristine spent 16 years as a professional hair stylist and then committed herself to running her household and raising her three gorgeous girls. Running a household and supporting her husband in his career as a partner in a major law firm in downtown Calgary, Kristine knows how busy life can be. This experience has helped hone a skill of being organized and prioritizing. While Kristine is relatively new in the residential real estate business, she also brings a wealth of experience of understanding people’s needs and exceeding their expectations. Kristine has a warm personality and is easy to talk to. She builds a friendship based on trust and honesty. By doing this her relationships with her clients last beyond the sale or purchase of the home. She is particularly proud that her clients are her friends and her friends are her clients. As a life long Albertan, Kristine is an active member and proud to be a part of the Calgary community. Kristine is grateful for the opportunities she has enjoyed. As way of giving back Kristine has been involved in many charitable and community associations and she continues to share her time with these great causes. In particular her family is a supporter of United Way and she continues to volunteer with other organizations throughout the year. Kristine welcomes the opportunity to work with you and your family.