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Nathan Zacharias has become known in the industry for his outstanding service and his ability to turn his client’s needs into mortgages that make sense. At one time a member of the Sheldon Zacharias Real Estate Team Nathan understands all things real estate and the high expectations we have for our clientele and he has the tools it takes to deliver the service excellence we demand.

Nathan is a proud graduate of The University of Saskatchewan where he received a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance. This education provides Nathan a large skill set to bring to the table that will translates into meaningful advice that you can count on.

Nathan is passionate about anything Real Estate!  As a real estate owner and landlord who is active on condo boards and in the community Nathan’s practical experience is an invaluable asset in helping clients understand all the ins and outs of their mortgage.

If you are looking for an honest opinion and genuine approach to your mortgage, then you should contact Nathan today. If you ever wanted a 2nd opinion on what your bank or broker has advised you then Nathan is your guy!

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